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Home Inspection Services Seattle, Tacoma, Renton & Puyallup, WA

All Home Inspection - Home Inspection Services Seattle, Tacoma, Renton & Puyallup, WA

All Home Inspection, inspections of residential, commercial properties, condos, coops, and manufactured homes in order for you to make a fully informed decision.

All Home Inspection provides you with a thorough, systematic and objective home inspection. AHI will perform an in-depth visual examination of the functional and structural components of the home. Your home will be inspected in accordance with The Washington State Home Inspectors.

The guidelines that are adhered to will provide each client with a clear understanding of the property conditions that were visually observed at the time of the home inspection. A home inspection by an experienced, highly-qualified home inspector ensures that your investment is protected.

All Home Inspection will provide a full report covering all aspects of the inspection. The report will include color photographs of most areas of concern.

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All About Home Inspections

Home inspections is a relatively new concept (developed in late 1980s) and it involves professionals evaluating a house or building before changing hands, mostly between buyers and sellers.

The Seattle / Tacoma area home inspection process involves checking whether the structure meets local and national building standards, zoning by the local authority and whether the factors mentioned by the seller exists as indicated on the sale documents. The purpose of a Home Inspection is to provide purchasers with important information with regards to the structure.

Seattle / Tacoma area home inspections are mutually beneficial for both sellers and buyers of both new and old structures.

Sellers are obliged to have professionals inspect their homes so that potential buyers will see that all systems are working as expected and there should be no doubt when occupying the respective house. Many times sellers will have what's called a "pre-inspection" in order to find out what kind of issues the structure may have that should or needs to be addressed before it is put on the market.

Buyers are becoming more saavy in having their prospective homes inspected to eliminate some of the fears that come with making a home purchase.

About Home Inspectors

Home Inspectors is a general title given to professionals with the responsibility of ensuring that houses on sale meet specific conditions of construction and set standards.

A home inspector in the State of Washington must be licensed, which includes a certain amount of training hours, ride-along time with an experienced inspector, and be bonded and insured.

To get the best Seattle / Tacoma area home inspection you can, All Home Inspection provides clients with a detailed comprehensive report on the condition of the structure and its construction and working systems.

Again a Seattle / Tacoma area home inspector ascertains the condition of a home, not the value. A home inspector is not qualified to make an appraisal or dollar value of a home, and therefore, cannot provide his or her personal opinion of whether a home is worth purchasing.

A Seattle / Tacoma area home Inspector is only qualified to assess the condition. The Home Inspection Report helps a home buyer make an informed home purchasing decision.

All Home Inspection - Home Inspection Services Seattle, Tacoma, Renton & Puyallup, WA

Manufactured Homes

The term “manufactured home” is the most recent label for what were once called “mobile homes” or “trailers.” They are relatively inexpensive, small, and are held to less stringent standards than modular and site-built homes. Their obvious advantages are their mobility and affordability, factors that allow buyers to make home purchases without a serious monetary or geographical commitment.

They are available in three sizes that escalate as follows: “single-wide,” “double-wide” and “triple-wide.” In addition, manufactured homes:

  • Conform only to Housing and Urban Development (HUD) code. Some homes contain a red tag that confirms that the unit was manufactured in compliance with this code;
  • Are inspected, but do not have to be structurally approved by an inspector;
  • Are manufactured in sections at factories;
  • Are never more than one story;
  • Do not have a permanent or conventional foundation;
  • Tend to lose value over time because they are difficult to expand or improve;
  • Are transported to the site on their own wheels;
  • Are transported on steel chassis that are never removed;
  • Are often placed on property owned by others, such as public land that is leased by the homeowner;
  • Are treated as a separate lending category from modular and on-site built homes; and
  • Are rarely custom-designed. The buyer can choose from homes that have already been built and receive it within days.

Despite their manufacturing process, modular homes are essentially the same as homes that are built on-site. They are treated the same under the law, and their basic structural features are almost indistinguishable from site-built homes, once assembled.

Manufactured homes are relatively small, inexpensive, mobile residences that require a smaller commitment than is required by modular and site-built homes. It is important to understand the differences between these home types in order to reduce the influence of stigmas, misrepresentation and ignorance.




All Home Inspection - Home Inspection Services Seattle, Tacoma, Renton & Puyallup, WA

    • Foundation
    • Doors/Windows
    • Roofing
    • Gutters
    • Chimney
    • Vents/Fans
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Heating/Cooling
    • Ceilings/Walls/Floors
    • Carport
    • Decks
    • Basement & Attic
    • Rot
    • And Much More!

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